Geology Courses

GLY 110 - General Geology
A beginning level geology course which surveys elements of earth materials, processes, structures and history. Design- ed primarily for the non-science major. Prospective majors must maintain at least a B average to use Geology 110 as a prerequisite for other geology courses. 3 lec.
3 hours
GLY 200 - Physical Geology
An elementary but comprehensive physical geology course that deals with the earth's origin, composition, structures, tectonics and processes. Intended primarily for, but not limited to, the science major. 3 lec.
3 hours
GLY 210L - Earth Materials Lab
An introduction to laboratory methods and materials as applied to the identification, classification, recovery and uses of earth resources. 2 lab.
1 hour
GLY 212 - Geological Field Mapping
An introduction to geologic mapping and map interpretation, preparations of topographic and geologic cross sections. 2 lab. (field work).
2 hours
GLY 313 - Structural Geology
Analysis, classification and origin of depositional and deformational structures common to all classes of rocks; their structural history, relationships, and stresses which caused them. 3 lec-2 lab.
4 hours
GLY 320L - Geology Lab Techniques
Techniques of collection, preparation and analysis of mineral, rock and water samples, and the use of different instruments for obtaining quality data. Will also cover tools used for data interpretation.
2 hours
GLY 325 - Stratigraphy and Sediment
Formation, organization, sequence, and correlation of sedimentary rocks; study of the orgin, transportation and deposition of rock-forming sediments. 3 lec-2 lab.
4 hours
GLY 491 - Capstone Experience
An independent study involving a research project or intern- ship. Must be approved by Geology faculty. (PR: 20 hours of Geology coursework).
2 to 4 hours
GLY 681 - Thesis
1 to 6 hours
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