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February 18, 2006
The Nardo FLL team from Norway had a camp for  new teams.
They had  challenges for robots they build and program.
Today Linda Hamilton, Hope Romine, and Nikki Romine were were able to watch their competition.
The people on the east side of the Atlantic Ocean ran the
FLL 2005 Ocean Odyssey missions over the web on the other side.
Their Story (PDF)

They could see.

We could see.

Ready for you over here.
Red Rover
The robot is set off  to do a mission.

Rescued the dolphin. Picked up the submarine and moved the reef.
Vision Center in RoboLab
Fixed the pipe line. Retrieved the spilled cargo.

Tagged the shark. Raised a flag and moved the protective structure.

All the pictures
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December 16, 2005 Nardo Connection

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