Boy Scout Robotics Merit Badge Intro at  Marshall University

February 18, 2012
Thanks to my assistant - FLL 2012 Winner

They have 7 Robotics requirements of which we will learn about 4 and 5 today.
They will program on board the NXT to use all the sensors,
then take on a challenge - build and program to accomplish it.

First they used on board NXT programming to learn possible ways to use sensor information.

Then they learned NXT - G programming to write programs on the computer to send to the robots

Going one rotation will be very different for theses robots.

To the RTI LEGO City.

Here is an example of a FLL contest set up -  FIRST LEGO League

Competitions. Do ONE of the following.
a. Attend a robotics competition and report to your counselor what you saw and learned about the competition and how teams are organized and managed.
b. Learn about three youth robotics competitions. Tell your counselor about these, including the type of competition, time commitment, age of the participants,
and how many teams are involved.
Bot Ball

From upstairs (or any where in the world) you can Teleoperate the robotics on the 2nd floor.

Pick up loop and deliver it.

Follow line

This robot was programmed to follow a line from here

to here and deliver the package.

With your Teleoperator's license you can operated and program the RTI LEGO City.

On camera




In the afternoon the second group came

and saw the LEGO City.

While they learn of sensors and programming

A six year old is programming.

For the requirement - Program your robot to perform the task you chose for your robot.
Include a sample of your program's source code in your robot engineering notebook.
- These scouts will be able to use these pictures of their programs to put in their notebooks.

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