Boy Scouts Robotics Merit Badge College
February 16, 2013

Who is coming today to Science 307 LEGO Lab?

It is Boy Scouts for Marshall Merit Badge College

I still have no voice. This will be interesting.
I went through the NXT on screen programming with my Granddaughter
last night on paper instead of talking.
Weird but worked.

The general plan was to first do on screen programming to  figured out what sensors are available.
Sonar is on port 4. There is also touch, sound and light

They made and ran on screen programs that used each sensor.

Second then they learned to program the NXT on the computer using NXT-G

Go forward for 1 rotation.

Their mission was to program the robot to around a box.

Using loops helps keep the program small.


Finally they were each to do two missions from Green City and/or Senior Solutions.

FLL 2012 Senior Solutions is in the front of the room

Green City challenges are in the back of the room.

Check out Red Rover.

Check out SENSORS City.

See everything over the Web and drive the rover.

Mission accomplished

They had to have all their paper work for sections 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7
4 and 5 requirements were to do programming and demonstrated that the programs worked as planned.


Off to lunch

A nice break.


Nice results.

Dr. Norton came in to see how the set up in the 307 is going.

Then he showed us

the walk over to his science lab.

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