LEGO DACTA Candy Factory Project

At Davis Creek Elementary 5th grade
 The entire class set up a model CANDY FACTORY.


Day two the  students worked together to figure a way to put all the parts together.

 At each step students recorded their work.

 The entire set up programmed and working.

For those of you that have LEGO DACTA Control Lab and would like to see the entire program right click here and "save as"  candyfac.clb

"Candy " is moved from delivery forklift, through the various departments in the factory and out to waiting truck.     HOW IT WORKS

The following is the on the DO FIRST page.

With pneumatic arm left to lift, reset sensor in angle5.
Switch pneumatic arm to right.
With robot arm to right, reset sensor in angle8.
Move robot arm to left.


The final version had all the pneumatics motorized and programmed.

 More Pictures

updated 28 Ap MM

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