LEGO DUPLO Transportation at 
Chesapeake Elementary
May 2, 2003
See?How tall are you?
Chesapeake Elementary learns about the science of transportation first hand at Science Blitz.

More than 7 modes of transportation were made with Toolos and Duplo.


How many Duplo tall are you? 

Can you get into your house?

Juan Bueno and Linda Hamilton from the Nick J. Rahall Appalachian Transportation Institute
talked about how cities are built on their transportation.
The students demonstrated that with their modeling.

480 Students came to the gym to see the science displays on the tables 
and build a city of transportation. 

See the Science Blitz pictures.

Science is big news.

The TV camera checks it out.

Principal operator


There were real tools being used at the window of the gym
at the same time the students were building with TOOLOS.

Marshall University and school people organized this blitz.

Thank you for the clean up.


At SENSORSCITY, May Flowers for 2003 will have something to do with train transportation

LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton