Mission Mars

Saturday March 6, 2004
Marshall University Continuing Ed
Teams are to solve four challenges. They are to program their robots to do the 4 missions autonomously.
Starting from the base and just with the starting the program with the push of the green run button,
the Mars rover is to be programmed to work on its own.

At first the students wrote down what they were good at and found others to work in their team.
Each team ran programs 1, 2, 3, and 4 to figure out and record what actions the robot did.

The teams learned what the challenges were to be.  One is to stop for 10 seconds at these coordinates.

The programming is done in RoboLab.  The icons are strung together.
The progarms are sent to the LEGO RCX through the IR tower.

The the programs can run at Mars. One mission is to clear the dust from the solar panel.

Another mission is to set up the communications tower.

At the end of the 6 hours, teams will have 2 minutes to get as many of the challenges as possible.

Each team builds, programs, organizes and records their progress.

Two of the students came to Mars Station South Pole2 after class.

They saw how you can connect and teleoperate the Mars Rover and the City.

There is a camera on the rover and a camera at the side of the CITY.
See!  You can be on the camera that sees the CITY.

They tried out the FIRST LEGO League City Sites Challenge.

After going home from Mars and the LEGO City
they connected to http://LEGO.marshall.edu
and were able to run the programs from home.
LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton hamilton@marshall.edu
15 students