Mission Mars

March 20, 2004

Andy help set up.  Students started coming in for the last day.

He made an arm himself. It can can programmed to move.

We like the Mars Rovers.

Now we get to work on the programs.

Organize the materials and make plans.


Get that ice core.

Everyone shows off their rovers programming.

Parents watch the tower getting set up.

Four rovers

Four successful teams!

Congratulations to all the team members.

All cleaned up.
The setting at the Continuing Education building was terrific.
There were work stations all around the room and the Mission Mars in the middle.

After lunch students and families went to the Mars South Pole2 and the LEGO City.

They figured out where Mars is and where the controls are.

This is such a great group that they figured out how to send programs to SENSORS City.

While the train and monorail move at the city

the rover can watch the train move.

Glad you could visit.

Mars and The LEGO City can be connected to at the same time.

Are you going to go to Mars?

Bye.  Maybe we will see you  at the Science Fair.

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