Mars Camp

May 20, 2006

The campers set up the Mars mat and learned about programming.

Today was a mini practice FIRST LEGO League activity.

After 2 hours we went to lunch and talked about strategies on the challenges.
We also run though some ideas about the core theme of Gracious Professionalism.

The Team

The plans for the ball dropping arm went well.
The programming involved going forward until just before the launcher,
dropping the ball, moving forward a little, and returning.

And it works!

An extended arm can get the loops without having to go over the crater.
Mrs. Hamilton

Groups worked with different robots.

They showed their parents the programming and
how the robots ran the programs to do the missions.

Remarkably much was accomplashed from 10:00 to 4:00.
A real FLL season would be 6 to 8 weeks of building and programming.
This practice shows that nearly all the missions can be accomplished in a hard day's work.
Much of the fun of real FLL is polishing up the programming and organizing
the runs to last only two and a half minutes.
What I missed most was getting time to learn of the back ground science for the topic.
For a real FLL season the learning is a great part.

After class some came to theLEGO City

One side has the Red Rover to run the Rover on Mars and other RCX robotics.
The web camera is on the other side.
They also ran  RCX robotics that can be programmed through SENSORSCITY.

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