Robotic Amusement Park
Spring 2004
Davis Creek
The fifth grade at Davis Creek Elementary built eight merry go rounds.
                     The goal is to eventually have an amusement park and have it programmed to run autonomously.

The class has made many merry go rounds.
The plan is to work them into a systems engineering project
where multiple RCX communicate with each other to have the entire amusement park work.
One group modified their project to have a turnstile for the entrance to the park.
We programmed in Investigator to be able to see what sensor reading we get from the light sensor.
Actually Investigator is nice because we will be able to keep all our programs together in one place.

Turnstile waits for someone to walk through.
The light sensor reading goes above 45.
This RCX sends out mail message 1.

Car waits for mail message 1 then moves to the merry go round.
The car sends out mail message 2 for the RCX on the merry go round.

The third RCX waits for mail message 2 then makes the merry go round move.
Then it sends out mail message 3.
The car is waiting for mail message 3; then it moves on.

Robotic Amusement Park
April 27, 2004

Now we are starting on programming the car to go along a line and stop at the crossing for the next ride..

We had the car moving just forward.
It waited until the message came that a person was through the turnstile.
Then the car moved to the merry go round and sent a message to it to go.
After it was done the merry go round sent a message back to the car and it went forward again

Using this program we can get the moving and stopping to work.

Next we will modify the program to include directing which ride goes.

May 24, 2004
Mrs. Simon Is Back!

We got to show her the Amusement park.
The rides are interesting to watch but the most interesting part is the programming.

The rover waits for mail then follows the line and then sends a message to the next merry go round.

The first RCX has a turnstile.  When a person passes through, a mail message is sent to start the rover.
The rest of the RCX are running a similar program that just waits for mail. Those programs have music in place of times.

Eight Merry go rounds
Mail Messages
More programming
Eight rides
City and data
Showing others
Showing Mrs. Simon
Put away
Spring Hill Rides
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