LEGO Projects at FGC 2002
Normal, Illinois

For some reason my favorite was this one that
Followed the Light.
The materials were the LEGO Dacta Cities and Transportation sets
including the sets provided by the
Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute,
Mechanical Engineering sets, and some Duplo.

Even though this was the first time programming for almost all the people
the programs got to be quite extensive.

One of the most appreciated LEGO piece was the solar panel.





The entire computer screen was set up as a virtual control panel.
The rover was operated remotely from the computer to move close to the magnet rock the take the rock and remove it.

Duplo, building, and programming were going on at the same time.

The family center had extra paint to use up on the last day.
The LEGO builders helped out with robotic vehicles that could paint.


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