Norway Drives FLL 2005 Over Web
December 16, 2005

See Pictures From Norway!

Throughout the year, our LEGO program at Marshall University has kept in touch with some visitors from Norway
whom we came into contact with at a 4-H camp over the summer.
Tomas Gunnarsson and his son Jonas have both been active participants in the FLL challenge this year.
With their help, our local teams were able to come up with some programming
and building ideas for their robots.
The Gunnarsson's participated in their FLL competition on November 12th in Norway.

Today, at the LEGO City, the Gunnarsson's were able to connect to us via internet
and drive our robot to do the FIRST LEGO League challenges.
Using the Red Rover software, Tomas and Jonas
communicated with us as we about which challenges would be performed.

The Gunnarsson's were able to performed 8 out of 9 challenges today.
We had to offer a little help here and there to keep the robot on track and lined up in base.
One of the best was the submarine retrieval.
The robot drove up onto the ship platform, picked up the sub,
backed up and dropped it - all done from the other side of the world.

It has been wonderful to make this contact with people who are just as enthusiastic as we are about LEGO robotics.
The Gunnarssonís have a website that documents their LEGO Robotics activities at

Linda Hamilton
for activities we did together in the summer.

The Red Rover and LEGO camera are back on the other side of the room now.
Email if you would like to run the FLL 2005 over the web.

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