After the Zoo project was so successful for the younger grades
I wanted to see how the 4th grades, 5th grades, and middle school would do.

Davis Creek has an NXT and Educational programming.
They got the food to the animals quickly.

They also are setting up a Christmas town.

Village of Barboursville 4th grade built the Robo Adventures bot and programmed it to go in a square.

The NXT can be programmed in RoboLab 2.9.

These Miller 4th graders quickly build a zoo and programmed the NXT to feed the animals.

Spring Hill TAG got ready for an open house by building some projects to show

They also programmed a bot.

Spring Hill 5th grade

set up a wonderful zoo

and built a robot from scratch

and programmed it.

Village of Barboursville 5th grade TAG used their 4th grade bots

to feed the zoo animals.

Miller 5th grade TAG programmed both RCX and NXT robots to feed the zoo animals.

With RoboLab 2.9 both can be programmed.

The LEGO City has a fire station for December.

Two Miller 4th grader built a pneumatic giraffe.

Barboursville Middle LEGO Club built a zoo.

Some worked on programming the FLL and Alpha Rex Bots on
RoboLab 2.9.

LEGO  Links of Linda Hamilton hamilton@marshall.edu
With support from
NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium.