Junior FIRST LEGO League topic of scale is a terrific topic for any age.
Miller Elementary students tried out modeling a cell at a much larger scale that it really is.

How do you make something round out of squares?
These first and second graders are working on a model of a cell.

Kindergarten at Highlawn made projects in two scales.

This pumpkin grew very big.

These sets I usually use for Mystery Object.

Three different sizes.

same size

Two different scales.

Marshall University Math class

Sound is on a logarithmic scale.  Each 10 decibels is a power of ten larger.

The motor rate was connected to to number of decibels
so as the sound went from quiet to load the merry go round went faster.

Miller 3rd Grade TAG

Pictures of DNA

Blood cells


The blue model is smaller that a whale. It is how it would look from over 100 feet.
The tail is at a lager scale.  You would be closer.
In the cells are DNA and they are small.

Now how are we going to get some part to move?

Now there is a whale at three different scale.
The project continued many more days at many schools.
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