LEGO Projects with Linda Hamilton
October 2006

Every thing from Robotics to LEGO Soft have been used to show problem solving is math.

Math is not bad.  It is just how we get from here to there.
Programming and building take counting, estimation, checking,
planning and iterations.

NASA WVSGCThe NASA School in Tucker Valley is getting an NXT. 
The students are going to go to WV State tournament for Nano Quest.
In one day, all the missions were accomplished in one way or another. 
It will be fun to see how it is all put together for the 2 and a half minute time.

The biggest project for the fall is FIRST LEGO League.
It involves the most concentrated time and work.

However I do many projects at many locations.
Young and old have things to figure out.

How long?  By what percent can it expand?

Teams work at schools and at Marshall University Team Time.

The LEGO City was a construction site in September.

Not every task requires a separate motor. Here is a hardware solution to needing an arm to deliver ATP.

4 year olds

First graders and fractions

Kindergarten and Marshall students

I bring in materials to Miller TAG classes. They are working both on RCX and NXT.

VOB is doing FLL Nano Quest at TAG.

What are the FLL missions?

Adults are helping mentoring and coaching. The kids are doing the building and programming.
We are trying to learn a few things, too.
Davis Creek FLL
There are FLL teams and JFLL teams.

FLL team time has been useful for comparing RCX and NXT robots.

Teachers are trying out the CMU curriculum.

This ghost is going in the middle of the room with the train for October.

Those younger than 9 are learning the basics of pulleys, gears, wheels and axles, and structures.

The FLL teams are using NXT and RCX.

Parents are seeing what kids can do.

Morrow Library is the site for teams to get together on Saturdays for building and programming robots.

Nano Quest research got a helpful push from Dr. Liz Murray.

Public events let people build a place to work, live, and transportation.

Cars that go down hill or  by wind energy were built in Miller,

Spring Hill,

and Village of Barboursville.

VOB built and programmed the haunted house ride.

It is going to Marshall to be on the web.

Spring Hill is doing the Ocean Odyssey 
and all the fourth graders are getting a time to build to learn about gear ratios and other simple machine concepts.

The VOB project was run over the Internet from all over the world.

After school Bville works on FLL.

Davis Creek works on FLL on Fridays.

Continuing Ed camps were for little builders

and big builders.

In class rooms, I have used the sail car sets, the new science and technology sets,

and, my favorite, the simple motorized machine sets.

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With support from
NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium.