Technology Building and FLL Team Time

September 20, 2008

In the morning students built simple machines

and checked out the FLL 2008 challenges.

The building for Jr.FLL is to include simple machines and some moving part.

The new blues sets have many projects.

Both the yellow sets and the blue sets have examples using gears.

Windmills can be used to do work.

Wheels and axles  for the car      Gears in the merry go round.

Building attachments for FLL will take many kinds of simple machines.

The FLL team is working on getting the Robot  working on 3 FLL challenges.

The dog has many moving parts.

The missions

Two teams came to Team Time at Morrow Library.

With two tables set up there was action all afternoon.


Trying out ideas.

Getting missions to work will be fun for a long time.
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