ELab and Green City

April 21, 2012
Green City is a great practice to get ready for FIRST LEGO League
Next week  we will see the World tournament
and on http://www.techbrick.com

Solar panel did make enough electricity to run the motor
even on a rainy day.

Build cars

winches and

Intelligent house.

Try out RCX robot for Green City.

Thanks for the help getting the City part to turn.

Winch without gears drops fast and takes 26 turn to raise.

Car can run on electricity generated by kid power and a motor used as a generator.

It takes a lot of electricity to run a lamp.

A winch with a worm gear takes 413 turns to raise!


Use a motor as a generator and save up electricity in the capacitor until the light comes on - about 30 seconds.

The car travels clear across the room and back

for over 3 minutes.

The amount of electricity can raise the heavy weight.

These two made the Intelligent house.

They used RoboLab to program the garage door open when the car goes between the light and light sensor.

The Green City groups programmed using the light sensor.

The reading for dark and light are about 40 and 60.

First they programmed the robot to go to dark.

Then they programmed the robots to follow a line.
The program uses loop and light fork to make one side go then the next and repeat.

They are using those parts to do the recycle missions.

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Thanks for taking the close up pictures of Intelligent house.