Take Apart Day
People brought screw drivers and pliers and old stuff like phones, key boards, fans, clocks, etc. that were broken and looked see what is inside.
This was a time for experienced FLL team members and adults to talk with people that might be interested in becoming an FLL team.

People from all over came to Morrow Library to learn about FLL and take things apart.

They came to see what FLL may involve

and bring stuff to take apart on see what is inside.

To play.

See what you can do with gears and LEGO®  WeDoTM.

Just like a fan can move so can a LEGO® motor

Some checked out the programming that Jr.FLL can do.

Check out the 2012 field set models.

Robots and TOOLO can use treads.

Time to play.

How many FLL and Jr. FLL teams will form?

Check up close.

Some serious programming.

Remarkably everything is getting pretty well cleaned up.

Metal and electronic, etc. parts will be recycled.

Try out some ideas.

Follow a line.

Go home and build some more.

LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton
With support from 
Build looking in a mirror.

Thanks for helping us get the door.