Kick Off

August 31, 2012

Hello World emailed Scott Evens about the points for Cardiovascular exercise machine.
And got a quick and fun reply

Still some things to take apart.

A hardware solution to lifting the bar.

Planning and programming.

Generate some light.

See the light?

Getting some mission attachment and programming ideas.

Stop for lunch.
This is a grand way to have a kick off party.

Jr.FLL is checking out WeDoTM.

Robot building.

Then check out missions.

How about the bowling.


Alligator is coming along.

Posters about how FLL works.  Practicing presenting.

The take apart material can work for art.

See we have fish for food for the alligator.

More ideas working.

Art and take apart.

Those cell phone cameras are VERY little.

Packed up and ready to go out into the rain.

Off to SENSORSCITY to get the double stack train set up.

Can it go through town and mountains?

Lengthen the train and damp the speed.

Here we go!

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