HW! and VOBE
September 15, 2012

By the time I came in with my field set HW had set up their new field.


A movie of the build

took 9 seconds
but the build was 2 days.


The team is ready to work.

Projector from far side,
mouse from near side,
and Blue tooth to NXT.

While all the work was going on we listen to Scott Evens talk about the robot game
on the audio recording of the conference call.

Get some posters up.

Hello World! FLL

Yes, the ball knocked off on this side can bowl pins down on other side.

One color sensor program to follow black can stop at green.

Stop for lunch and LEGO games

Can you build just looking in a mirror?

Outside games.

Back to work.  The decision was the board on one table was horrible
not that the NXT could not drive straight.

Work from three sides of the room.

A chair for Seniors.

How all the joints work.

Motorized chair.

Arrival of VOBE.

They are using RCX and RoboLab.
They can get the blue quilts reliably.

It is great to have two set ups to use at the same time.

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