September 21, 2012

Gang S Chen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Engineering
Weisberg Division of Engineering and Computer Science
College of IT & Engineering
Marshall University
Dr. Gang Chen is going to mentor the FLL teams.
His expertise is in robotic arm path optimazation.

He was shown the robots and field set.

The students explained the  missions,

programming, and their plans.


Jr.FLL worked on gear and pulley projects.

The Jr. FLL team chose the name LITTLE LEAGUE Jr.FLL
and wrote a cheer.

They had it taped!

There are simple

and hard ways of doing things.

Lunch break


Bad news - my red beam has been bent!

LITTLE LEAGUE Jr.FLL motorized the merry go round.

More ideas

Venn diagrams
2 sets

3 sets

4 sets

Time to pack up.

LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton
With support from 

Science 307

LEGO City of the future.