Field Trip

September 29, 2012

Note: This is the door to go in.

Will this be the last Saturday to use Red Rover and SENSORSCITY?

During the week Hello World and Eaglesnest worked together on the internet.

Eight adults and eight team members came today.

Two adults were mentors. Two coaches and 4 parents.

Linda Hamilton
We will check out Senior Fest at the Cabell Huntington Hospital at lunch break.

Compare gearing.

Get a third table set up.

Three 2012 tables

Scouts go for the bowling pins.
Updates say lower parts need to be turned over.

NXT-G and other programming.

RCX and WeDo

Need a USB cord?
Teams helping each other.

3 FLL teams


2 FLL teams

Compare storage container.
Great example of problem solving.

Make a top.

Program the top to go

Spin the top

Field trip

into a heart

Senior Fest

The FLL team pick up information sheets and talked with Doctors and Seniors.
Jr. FLL member asked some over 60 friends about their playgrounds.

Low batteries.  Now new batteries.  WAY different.

Teamwork project.

Download to 2 NXT at the same time.

Watch some You Tube FLL runs.

We will get that ball to knock down the pins.

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