Davis Creek Elementary
Miss Adventure MM

 Once upon a time several people were sailing the high seas on the Miss Adventure, a small sailing craft. They were going on a leisurely afternoon excursion.  Tempted by the warm skies and smooth water, they ventured farther out into the ocean than they had planned.  Suddenly, the sky turned black, with rolling towering clouds promising a storm of tremendous force.  The ship fought valiantly, but succumbed to the pounding waves and fierce storm.  Fortunately, they were close to a tropical island.  Unfortunately, the ship could not be saved and would soon sink.  The passengers must scurry quickly to salvage supplies and save their lives by reaching the island.  After reaching the island the passengers explored.  The island had all the neccessities for life, needing only the creativity, expertise, and resourcefulness of the new inhabitants.  As we journey through this adventure you will witness the arrival, food and water acquisition, shelter construction, vehicle building, communication device, and rescue of our islanders.  Good luck and smooth sailing!

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Miss Adventure 2000:  Raft









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Created 1/9/2000
S. Simon
L. Hamilton

Updated 20 March MM