Spring 2005
LEGO Robotics Club
for Adult with Kid

January 15, February 12, March 12, April 9, and May 14.
Each month there is a challenge.
It was the responsibility of the kid to teach the parent (or grandparent) to program in RoboLab.

The first challenge was to make a "skater" draw a figure 8.
Except for a marker all materials must be original LEGO elements.
The second was to follow a line in the shape of an 8.
The third was to throw the FLL basketball into the basket.
The fourth was to lay down dominoes.
May 14 we tried out some Aquabot challenges for summer camps and to get ready for FLL 2005.

We will meet at the  LEGO City

The programming topic for the first meeting is loops.
The second topic will be conditionals.
The third topic is subroutines.
Then containers.

Charter members are FIRST LEGO League team members and their relatives.

Email Linda Hamilton hamilton@marshall.edu
for entrance instructions. 696- 7166

LEGO  Links of Linda Hamilton hamilton@marshall.edu