Intelligent Transportation Workshop

Call Linda Hamilton at the RTI LEGO City at 304 696-7166 for information.

Under the auspices of the Nick J. Rahall, II, Appalachian Transportation Institute, deliver innovative methods for learning abstract concepts such as math and science to K-12 students in public and private schools, using LEGO® Robotics.   To discuss transportation careers with K-12 students to instill an awareness of transportation careers.

Objective:  To deliver an afternoon workshop or 2 hour for one week workshop.


1. The classes are introduced to LEGO® Robotics in a hands-on workshop.
2. The 8 students work in groups of two.  Each student, using a team approach,  assembled  parts of a city and transportation system using LEGO® elements.
3. The RCX LEGO® microcomputer is programmed to include motors, lights, and light and touch sensors, to design the city vehicles and transportation system.
4. Knowledge and skills achievement included designing and programming, systems thinking, technology evolutions, and problem solving challenges.
5. The interdisciplinary areas covered were: math, science, history, social studies, geography and language development.
6. The students are supplied with the website and knowledge and with teleoperation principles to drive the vehicles in the CITY
at the Rahall Transportation Institute at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.
7. Grade level - fourth through eighth

Instructor:    Mrs. Linda Hamilton
                      Marshall University
                      304 696-7166

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