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Projects for large groups

 LEGO materials Projects
> 20 or possibly more
Duplo Materials in 12 tubs City Build Ideas
Tech Machines Toolo  Vehicles
Trains Trains
Car or Znap Sail Cars, Land Yachts, Puff Cars, Wind Cars
Balloon Car
Rocket Cars
Rubber Band Car
Marble Tracks Marble Track
Tubes and balls Tubes and Balls Experiments
plates GeoBoards
plates + Hearts
2 by 2 blocks Pyramid Math
2 by 2 blocks Kaleidoscope
12 to 24 students
Duplo or LEGO block versions Mystery Object
Early Simple Machine class room sets 
Duplo to Robotics (at Houston ISD)
Three Duplo Projects
Duplo Drumming Machine
White Sets White Sets
White Sets or other simple machine sets Wheelbarrow
Fishing Pole
Friction  Car
Yellow sets Simple Machine 12 sets with instructions
Yellow Gear Mini Set Ideas
Yellow Pulley Mini Set  Idea
Block or other sets 100 Dots
1 by 1 blocks and plates Mosaics Estimation
Venn Diagrams strings and blocks Venn Diagrams
Multiple materials Art
Transportation sets LEGO robotics Transportation
Schools that have the LEGO®  Educational sets can use LDD for CAD of some of the above projects
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