Math Colloquium
Mars Station
Marshall University
Linda Hamilton
February 6, 2004
Mars Station and LEGO City are at

on the other side of campus from the Math Department in Smith Hall.
The building can be seen from the window.
The programs can be operated from across campus
or from anywhere in the world.
Teleoperation to Mars StationSolar panels on Spirit
Some of the model are for show.
The LEGO models with RCX are working models.

The model rovers arrived in a balloon sac not nearly as safe a landing as the real Mars rover balloons.

The room was darken to see the screen for the PowerPoint
and internet connection to the Mars Station South Pole2.

Programs were sent to SENSORSCITY for remote data logging.
Black is the traffic count.
Green is the Skater.
Red is the Monorail station stops.

The Red Rover program was demonstrated in the room.

The Red Rover program uses infra red to communicate from computer to LEGO RCX computers.
The view from a rover can be seen from a camera set up on the rover.

These two went over to the the LEGO site.

We could see them at the Red Rover Mars Station site
and then on the LEGO camera.

In the math room the rover was a bit close to the edge.

The code on Mars has been a nice math puzzle.

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