Green Light Produces Green for Marshall
U.S. Congressman Nick J. Rahall II

February 21, 2007

Norton Presentation at News Event to Celebrate First Royalty Check to Marshall University:
"I think that this event is just as much about vision as it is about light.
This reminds me of a quote from Sir Isaac Newton.
He was one of a very few scientists who were able to actually discover a new kind of light, infrared light.
He said “If I have seen further than other men, then it was because I was standing on the shoulders of Giants”.
Certainly we have one of those giants here today, Congressman Rahall.
If not for him building the Transportation Center, then certainly we could not have done this work.
And we know that this is just the beginning, as we see increasing enthusiasm across the campus
as students recognize what  can be done when you
combine the strong and growing Engineering program with the new Biotechnology thrust,
housed in a new facility built by another giant, Senator Byrd.
People who know me say I think small, perhaps microscopic.
It is fortunate for me that a person with big vision, Richard Begley,
included me when he put together a really great group of inventors.
You have already seen some product by Firefly.
We are about to see a number of other products, many of them resulting from the tremendous vision of Richard Begley."

Press conference

Marshall President Stephen J. Kopp


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