Simple Motorized Machines and Robotics
at Playmates
January 26, 2008

How long a wiggle worm can you make?
Worm gear and crown gear
The teachers learned about the technology gears, axles, pulleys, levers, and motors.

They tried out some of the projects.

Potential energy saved in flywheel

Some projects were also programmed

In the afternoon they built and programmed robots.

Alien Encounters challenges

piano player

remote control
change to continuous for squaregeared down robot works more precisely
Lesson Plans
Hints for Teachers
Shortcuts in RoboLab
Art ideas
RCX RoboLab Quick Start
Training Lessons (ROBOLAB Training Missions)
are on your computer in the Robolab directory.
Example: C:\Robolab 2.5.4\Launcher
To run them click on Launcher.exe
Remember that RoboLab has wonderful HELP for each icon
and that there are example programs that can be opened in the bottom of the HELP window.

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