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April 8, 2003
Elementary Students Connect

Students from Davis Creek Elementary were on camera to the visitors at the LEGO City at RTI.
The Davis Creek students teleoperated the transportation models through the Red Rover software
and they ran programming projects through SENSORSCITY.

On the left is the SENSORSCITY camera view and on the right is the Red Rover interface view
It is raining over at the LEGO CITY, and the bridge is getting flooded

SENSORSCITY Camera in the back ground and RED ROVER in foreground.

The Davis Creek Elementary students operate the city in the heavy rain.

There is a way to measure the level of the river using the light sensor
by sending a programming project to SENSORSCITY.

People could view the data at the 24 Hour LEGO City at RTI.
Here is the actual graph that the students at Davis Creek Elementary
received over the internet from their programming project on SENSORSCITY.

The red line shows the monorail touching a station sensor. 

The white line shows when a vehicle goes in front of a light sensor. 

The green line indicates the river level.

At the computers in Pritchard Hall at MU
Mrs. Hamilton and a student from another elementary school connected
to Davis Creek and the LEGO City at Marshall.

This Kellogg student saw Davis Creek students through the Red Rover interface.
She also teleoperated the 24 hour LEGO City through Red Rover software.

The actual City

Thank you

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