Elevator and Flag

June 1, 2013

We see how May was flowers at SENSORSCity.

A family came in with their robots.

Add a little Meccano

June is FLAG month at the LEGO City.

Granddad's birthday is flag day.

We set up a LEGO City with a large rotating Flag.

Let's see where everything should go so it looks good on http://LEGOcamera.marshall.edu

We miss you being here.  Glad we can see you on computer.

Thanks for showing us Spain.

The elevator is connected up to http://SENSORSCITY.marshall.edu for the monthof June 2013.
Thanks for all the set up work.
We had an email about building an elevator like on my lesson plan page and invited them to visit Science 307.
"Thanks for the invitation to visit you, my son (and me too!) would really have liked that but unfortunately we live in the Netherlands."
so we are doing it here and emailing and using LDD. http://ldd.lego.com/en-us/gallery
username LindaLEGOLadyHamilton

Now we can control an elevator here at http://SENSORSCITY.marshall.edu

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