Science Fair
March 29, 2003


at Marshall University
was operated and programmed by students, parents, and teachers
attending the 2003 West Virginia State Science Fair.

SENSORSCITY was operated live by Red Rover and over the Internet.
Robotic vehicles were programmed and operated in the City Sights FLL competition field.

The date returned over the internet from the programs sent to SENSORSCITY
shows how many vehicles (White), windmill rotations (Green) and the number and times the monorail was in a station (Red).

Teachers, family, and students worked on LEGO robotics projects in three areas.
RoboLab was used to program the robots.  The programs were tested at the FLL 2003 set up.
SENSORSCITY was operated through the internet with Red Rover and programmed with RoboLab.

All picked up

Over to the actual LEGO City

No peeking while here either

So many missions were sent to the City

LEGO web camera and Red Rover

There is a second city.


Getting ready on March 24, 2003

View, teleoperate, and program SENSORSCITY.
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