FLL LEGO Robotics
at West Virginia Science Fair

March 25, 2006
Today some of West Virginia's brightest science students made their way
to Marshall University to compete in the state science fair.
The crew from Rahall Transportation Institute was there
to demonstrate LEGO robotics.

Students were asked to come run a program on the of the demonstration
bots that were pre-programmed for the FLL Ocean Odyssey challenge.
Then they received the stamp from the Marshall University RTI student assistant.

Most realized just how precise the starting position of the robot had to be.

The cargo spill was cleaned up.  The science submarine was deployed.

Some students even discussed ideas for improving the robots and
worked on the programs.

The FIRST LEGO League challenges were demonstrated by Barboursville Middle FLL team.

Each of the science fair participants tried out a FLL mission.

The sunken ship was mapped out.

Towards the end of the afternoon, the exhibits were open to the public.
A number of students brought their parents
to the LEGO setup and showed them what could be done with the robots.
Young and old realized just how fun science, math, engineering,
and technology education can be!

The artificial  reef was positioned.

Dr. Kopp has also visited the LEGO City.

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