The 54th Annual
West Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair

March 31, 2007

Robotics to the Science Fair

The FLL 2006 Nano Quest robotics challenges were run by science fair participants and
Barboursville FLL team members.

Helpers set up the Nano Quest playing field.

Students ran some missions

while judges were with others.

Robots took a tour.  This one is interested in Great Expectations.

Some of the topics at this Science Fair will be helpful for students interested in research on
alternate energy topics for next year's challenge.
Some of these students may help out by being speakers for Team Time in the fall.

On board programming for this robot can be done anywhere
so it traveled all over the room.
Some times the students programmed it to react to the light sensor readings from the floor,
some times to the sound sensor readings and some times to the sornar readings.

Reacting to touch was hard to control.
LEGO  Links of Linda Hamilton
With support from
NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium.