July 29, 2009
We are using RoboLab Investigator today to gather light sensor data on the General Skills Mat.

The dark line segments get lighter.  We can see what reading we get from each.

We started from the end on the right

from the red                            and the blue.

Now we are using that data to "follow the lines".

Now we are setting up challenges that use that skill.


After class we went on a field trip to the RTI LEGO CITY.

He built the City National Bank building.

A rover that can be seen by Red Rover

can bee seen on the upper level.

The lover level can be seen on the camera.

Red rover can also see the NXT on the upper level as it runs through SENSORSCITY.

The NXT is set up with sensors.

We get data back over the Internet just as we did in class.

Datalogging program
bot moved from left side
on here

gave this data starting from blue

and starting from red.

Line following program

gave this data around the curve along a black line.

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