General Skills Mat
at Robotics Camp
June  2009
 Linda Hamilton is mentor for teams near Marshall University, Huntington, WV
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Marco Ciavolino of TechBrick Robotics
has sent me a mat for this week.
My first impression was that it is of  great quality.
After all these years of FLL mat changes I know this has an excellent looks and feel.

It is easy to check out how far the bots go with different rotation readings on this mat.

Each group figured out how to turn using rotation sensor.

Program the bot to push the "tree, flower, and leaf" on those spots and come back.


As an educator my biggest delight with this mat is to have the kids "see"  the lines as the bots do.
It was wonderful to have kids really get a feel for the light sensor information.
Move the train.Bring back the loop.
It was fun to set up missions and have them work.

It was fantastic how much they accomplished.

I am glad you sent me one that is not brand new so that I can tell that it going to hold up extremely well.
Taking down and rolling out six times and using it for 14 hours and it still looks great.

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