LEGO Tech Airport

June 25, 2010

The car went 2 table lengths.

The first challenge for today was to build a balloon car.

A reporter from the Herald Dispatch came today.

Our CEO organized who would build and set up which parts of the airport.

Thank you for your help to get the plane in the air.
This plane was at SENSORSCITY in 2007 to control over the web.

Cars go through gate to parking.

Entrance                 Check in counter where bags are put on conveyor belts.

Information signs.

Waiting area                    Snack machine

People movers.

Cranes to move engine motors.


Bags go to plane.

Take off

Fly for a long time then land.

Plane has landed.

Bags go to terminal

Baggage pick up.

Congratulations, class.

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