Summer 1998 LEGO Week

at Marshall University's Continuing Education's Children and Teen College
with Mrs. Hamilton, instructor.
Students 6 to 13 years old worked with LEGO sets and computers.
Note: Roll mouse over pictures for captions.
Day one - Learning  basic simple machines.
Simple and compound cranes.
Learning with the Yellow sets.
Levers and gears.
Duplo Gears.
Duplo drumming machine.
The first day the LEGO campers worked with "the yellow sets"
learning the basics of levers, pulleys, gears, and wheels and axles.
Pneumatic door.
Motorized back and forth fan.
The Intellingent House.
White plane was later put on movable stand.
Motorized car.
The second day the LEGO campers used more complex sets and instructions.
Moving over to the computer building. Taking a break at a window overlooking Marshall University campus.
After building for the first part of each morning, campers took and break then moved over to the computer building.

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Created by S. Simon and L. Hamilton  8-7-98
Updated March 11, 2001
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