West Virginia State Teachers Association Conference
Snowshoe Mountain Resort
October 10 -12, 2003

LEGO Robotics Workshop

LEGO robotic vehicle can be made and programmed with a brick like a small computer.
People at the workshop tried their hand at accomplishing some of the
First LEGO League Mars challenges.

The robots had to start on the base to begin the Mars missions.
One of the mission is to clear the dust off the top of the solar panel.
Another is to rescue a Rover stuck in a sand dune.
A Mars sample is to be delivered to the Mars Assent Vehicle
and sent on its way.

Mission Succeeded!
LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton hamilton@marshall.edu
  • Webpages and pictures on http://www.marshall.edu/LEGO
  • Web camera on http://LEGOcamera.marshall.edu
  • NASA site of Remote Sensing on http://SENSORSCITY.marshall.edu
  • Teleoperate LEGO CITY at http://LEGO.marshall.edu
  • Linda HamiltonMaterials for workshop