WVSTA 2001
Teachers at WVSTA Conference 2001 did hands on building at a  LEGO Workshop using Motorized Simple Machines.
Future plans include projects through out West Virginia.

Fly wheels keep a car moving.  Or motor can be used.

Many examples of gear trains were explored.

Rover was made and shown by Dacta rep.

The possiblities for robotics include FIRST LEGO League challenge this year of Artic Impact.
A setting for projects and mentor with knowlege of living in cold can all help students.
Transportation through out Appalachia can be a vehicle for learning.
Connections is one goal of  WVSTA Conference.

In beautiful Pipestem is an example of use of pulleys and gears.  Modeling the aerial tram is a learning experience.

LEGO Teacher Training  at WVSTA 2001

LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton

Bubble Sky at WVSTA 2001
People and skytram