Sail Cars, Land Yachts, Puff Cars, Wind Cars
1. Sail Cars

The Sail Car project is good for a big class.
This time we used one puff instead of the wind from a fan.
Each group picked a person to blow once  to try to get the vehicle from one end of the long table to the other
without falling off. One group actually had their vehicle stay just over the edge.

2 .Sail Cars at Barboursville

Make them smooth rolling and they can go far.

3.  "Puff" cars at Mrs. Bickel's Class
"Puff" cars were made using one 3 x 5 index card for a sail.

One person from each team procured the pieces.  One person drew the plan.
One person was the air power supply.  All built and made changes.
Most cars made it to or off the edge.

 4. Many projects

Cars that go down hill or  by wind energy were built in Miller,

Spring Hill,

and Village of Barboursville.

5. Wind Cars at Miller Elementary
For a holiday type activity, the project was to build a vehicle to go by wind power alone.
The materials this time were a piece of card paper and LEGO Znaps - a short lived LEGO line.

6. Sail Cars Miller
Sail Cars

The students designed and built cars that would move by wind.

7. Blue Wind Cars

These wind cars are from the new blue sets.

7. Sail Cars at 4-H

Build a car to go by wind power.

8. Barboursville Middle  Sail Cars

9. Windmill Cars
Windmill Cars

The wind car from the blue LEGO Education set surprisingly goes toward the fan.

The project is built in two parts from instructions A and B.

Which side the crown gear goes on is important.

When the car is set facing away from the fan it moves to a point of equilibrium
of  the force from the air and the friction of the slipping wheels against the floor.
Different wheels give a different equilibrium point.

Try making the car from other sets and different sails.
Old fashion pin wheel of stiff paper works great.
Instructions for Pinwheel Car with Red Sets in LEGO CAD

10. Windcar

11. Wind car

In keeping with the FLL 2007 theme of renewable energy,
the team worked on a wind car.
As the sails  move the gears to the wheels move.

The wind car move towards the wind.

12. puff

Puff Cars
or Land Yachts are powered by moving air - either by a fan or kid.

13. Air drag
Air Drag
Friction from air can drag on a car and slow it down.
 Set up the ramp the same each time.  Start the cars the same each time.
Measure how far the cars can go with and without wind resistance

Here is where it went without the sail. And here is where it went with the sail.
The car does go much shorter.

14. Camp

How far can we make a car go with wind power?

15. Puff

These are some of the pages that are examples over the years of making vehicles that go by wind power.

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