Bville FLL
Red Rover with Spring Hill
and 2' Mini-Challenge
March 13, 2002

At Barboursville School we can see Spring Hill Elementary LEGO projects
with the Red Rover software Mars site.

The teacher and others after school at Spring Hill can see us at work on the two foot mini-challenge.

This car starts out with the instructions on the lesson plan page.

Mrs. Bickel and the FLL students can send messages to Spring Hill.

RoboLab and Red Rover software are both used today.

After building and programming a vehicle, run the program to check out how far it goes.

The challenge is to travel exactly two feet.

While some are working on the RoboLab programming a message comes in for Mrs. Bickel.

A programming beginning gets changes and refinments.

Three different soltions.  Three different ways to success.

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