November 15 and 16, 2001
Ethan Comes to the CITY

Actually Ethan came from the real city of Boston, flew to Charleston, got to see about some transportation using transponders and arrived at the LEGO City at Marshall University housed at the Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Institute.
The transponder is in the window.
Ethan got right to work on the ASP.
While I taught a couple of classes, checking in a few times over the internet, he got the SENSORS CITY site running well.

Friday, after getting the data and timing beautiful, and running some RoboLab programs for checks, we headed off campus to try out the remote sensing for real.

 Spring Hill Elementary students have been building and programming LEGO projects.
Intelligent houseEthan had not seen the haunted house ride before.

Checked in on the CITY from Red Rover

 The group logged into the SENSORS CITY. 
Then they wrote RoboLab programs to sent to the CITY to run.

 You can see the Monorail coming and going.


 Andrés and Jordi and the CITY were on hand to see the first SENSORS CITY remote sensing operation from Spring Hill Elementary.

 The SENSORS Moon site is up at Tufts University. 
Ethan explained the project that you can try out there.
What letter do you think is under the rectangle?
You have to drive the rover back and forth over the area gathering light sensors readings and figure out what letter is there by looking at the graphs of the data.
Ethan will now go back to Tufts University and help set up more 
SENSORS sites at NASA centers.
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