Mystery Object W
Beta Testing
Davis Creek Elementary 5th grade
May 14, 2001
Three different kind of LEGO sets were used.
  The original parts list needed slight changes for some.
To be able to use the Simple motorized machine set and
the Mechanical Engineering sets some changes might be done.
The motorized Simple machines set do not have two axles that are 12 studs long.
Using  a 10 axle and a 3 axle with an axle extender works well.
The old Technic 8032 sets had two 12 axles but miss many other parts.
( 4x 2x8 plates, 2x 2x4 blocks, 2x round blocks, 3x 1x10 plates,
an 2x 8 beams are lacking though substitutions were easily made.)
The connectors could be gray  (friction less) or
black (with friction) however black is better for stability.
Notice that it takes two plates between two beams to have
the vertical hole spacing match up with the horizontal.
There should be two black connectors with one hole between.
Many important building ideas are shown in this model.
Beams can be lengthened by placing plates across cracks.
Horizontal to vertical construction can be made
by placing two plates between two beams
and that for the base to be flat another plate needs to be on the bottom.
(There would need to be more height for the project to be placed on a base plate.)
Axles can be lengthened with axle extenders.
Bracing rectangles works best with plates that are two studs wide.
Games were made from books or drawn on paper.
There were many wonderful imaginative ideas.
Some liked to put the flicking handle on the left.
For the Mechanical Engineering sets or even for the Simple motorized Machines Set
the latch piece can be replaced by the cam.  It fits well. (The lift arm does not.)
Three different kind of LEGO sets were used.  The original parts list needed slight changes for some.

Hope the fun and games at the real park the next day were as fun and educational.

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