Using LEGO ® Educational Materials
Fall 2012
time Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:45 VoB2 VoB3 VoB4 VoB5  Davis Creek  
10:00  CC2  CC3  CC4  CC5   Morrow
11:00   .   .   Morrow
12:00    SpH3    SpH5    
1:00 . StJ23  1 SSK .Ona   .StJ45 Morrow
2:00    .   .  Ona Morrow
3:00 .   .Meeting  Jr.FLL . Jr.FLL  
4-5:30  FLL SS afterschool  FLL RIZ    FLL  
7-8   FLL  FLL       
Village of Barboursville TAG VoB
Southside Elementary
Central City TAG
Spring Hill Elementary TAG SpH
St. Joseph StJ
Davis Creek
with support from Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute
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