2005 Ocean Odyssey Challenge

FIRST LEGO League travels into the depths of the ocean to explore the mysteries that lie below.
The oceans are of vital importance to the health of the Earth and to everyone that lives on this planet;
yet only 1% of these magnificent bodies of water have been studied.

Oceans provide inspiration, fun, and food.
They absorb carbon and generate oxygen, profoundly affecting the global environmental system.
A distress call has been issued to FIRST LEGO League teams around the world
to find solutions that will sustain the health, biodiversity, and productivity of the world’s oceans for present and future generations.

Sending out an S.O.S. to all FLL teams! Register in 2005 to answer the ocean's distress call.

The Challenge
The Challenge is the annual game revealed to FLL teams each
September during our on line kick off. Teams must determine a
strategy to accomplish various Challenge missions and
accumulate points. In addition, the Challenge theme and related
 Research Project requires teams to investigate current issues
facing our modern world. This combined process brings the reality
of science and technology to children on a more intimate,
hands-on level.
From http://www.usfirst.org/jrobtcs/flg_chal.htm

Inspiration for Kids
FIRST LEGO League (FLL) introduces young people, ages 9 to 14, to the fun and excitement of science and technology while building self-confidence, knowledge and life skills. Alongside adult mentors, FLL teams solve problems using engineering concepts, presentation techniques,
and robots using LEGO technology.

“FLL brings credibility and new
resources from the corporate
world to our Clubs; business
leaders quickly recognize that
FLL teaches the skills that children
need to succeed on the job
and in life.”
Don Mathis,
Executive Director
B&GC of Harford County, MD

FLL Benefits for Boys &
Girls Clubs:
Enthusiasm for learning science and technology
Experiential learning opportunities for children
Flexible program for short-term or year-round
Links to science and technology businesses

“The volunteers look at this
program as a way for us to pass
on enthusiasm about engineering
to kids. Everyday that we work
with these kids I am reminded
about what is really important.”
Courtney D. Dornell,
Engineer and B&GC Volunteer
Pratt & Whitney - Dallas, Texas

88%of children say that FLL made them want to learn more
about science and technology.
77%of parents report that FLL increased their child’s sense
that he or she can succeed if he or she tries hard.
98%of children report that they had fun
working on their FLL team

FLL Season Overview
May – September: On-line registration
September: Challenge announcement
October – November: Building season
November – January: Tournament season

FLL can be used at your Club year-round

What do I need to form a team at my club?
Up to 10 children, ages 9 –14, and at least one adult coach
A space to meet as a team, for two hours at least twice a week for 8 weeks
Access to a computer

What does it cost?
Costs for a first-year FLL team average around $650, and participation is even
more affordable for returning teams This includes program registration,
the annual challenge kit, and reusable robot construction set that
can be used year-round

FLL Teams
Build and program a robot
Solve real-world engineering challenges
Deliver presentation project
Compete with their peers at high energy, sportslike tournament
Learn from and interact with adult mentors
Work as a group to overcome obstacles and meet challenges
Discover career possibilities
Learn to make positive contributions to society

From http://www.usfirst.org/jrobtcs/FLL_BGCA_FINAL.pdf

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