3 Handles

Here are three ways handles can be used to move levers. Under, over, and through.
This example is from ideas from an old Duplo simple machine set on handles.

These students are using PicoCricket to program the motions and sounds.

It was fun to make things move when there was noise sensed by the sound sensor.

Some worked with PicoCricket for a Jack in the Box and some with WeDo.
Many critters can be made with one WeDo set. Then use a cam under a lever to make them move.

The Pico set

They programmed the girl to pop up using the sound sensor.
So they sang "Round and round the Mulberry Bush the monkey chased the weasel;
The monkey thought it was all in fun
'till POP goes the weasel.

Ta da with a loud sound and up it goes!

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