Art Classes
Circle Maker/ Spin Art
Light and flowers
Play Doh Music

Bunny Hop paint

Drawing Mechanism

Robot Markers
Print News
Play Doh prints (snake)

Crinkle stripsspaghetti twirler
PicoCricket Kinetic Sculpture

Creatures move up and down
Frogs jump
This worked
Soap bubbles
Soap egg beater
Puppet Show
Stop action
WeDo Stories
Bird in cage (yellow sets)
Insects and crittersFrog
Tram Titles

Totem poles 

Sand Castles 
3 Scales

Intelligent House

of Linda Hamilton
With support from

Under chair art
Pop Goes the Weasel -
Animals move
Mobile, popper  giant spin art, and rolling a car with paint on its wheels.
Wind/water chimes
Wobble painter
Overnight painting machine
2 Motor Big wheel painter.
 Folded paper structure that expands and contracts.
“light-drum” glows different colors when it is played.
 Lo-o-o-o-ng Painter

Simple motion mechanisms on
Motion Modules
Mix paint-brushes pigment, canvas and craft materials. In this workshop you'll use programmable bricks, buckets of paint, paper, canvas, and motors to make an animated art machine. Use sensors to explore color and light. Program your machine to react to an audience to spin faster and slower, to create complex abstract designs, or to simply fling pigment!

Crickets or RCX bricks or WeDo
Lots of batteries / regulators / WeDo /control box
A large cloth or paper drop cloth plus some large sheets of kraft paper for testing machines
Tempera paints
Textured materials that hold paint (sponges, textured rollers for house painting, fun fur, that foamy craft stuff)
A variety of 1/2" to 3" brushes (small, cheap craft brushes, metal rubber cement brushes, foam brushes)
Other materials: cardboard tubes, cardboard, string, dowels (get the size that fits into LEGO holes) styrofoam balls, plastic or paper cups, plastic or paper plates (use these to dispense paint as well as for making art machines) an assortment of colored construction paper