Marble Track

Marble Track can be made from the Bridge Set and the Elevator from Mechanical Engineering.
The ball holder lever bumps at the top.
Each ramp can be thought of as the hypotenuse of a right triangle.
The two legs are the distance the uprights are apart
and the difference between the connecting point of the high end and the low end of the ramp.

A one to one gearing is not fast enough.

A lever keeps the marble until the elevator lowers.

Instead of a two stud wide track - two beams a space of one apart can work.
Building everything upside down makes for smooth tracks.

Elevator can also be made from the Simple Motorized Machine set.
Elevator can be made with the motorized mechanisms blue set.
Elevator can also be made with chain links. Motion can be programmed with WeDo tm
Elevator can also be made from Duplo Tubes and Balls.

Put together many conveyor belts or marble walker and get marble to go up by elevator or pneumatics.
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