Mosaics Estimation
Sea Mosaics

1. Build
First, make a mosaic.
Use LEGO 1 by 1 bricks

to make pictures on a base plate.

2. Rubbing
Make a rubbing  of each project on a half piece of paper.
Use the side of a crayon with the wrapping paper off.
Hold the paper very still on one side of the project and rub away from where you hold.
Then carefully hold the other side and finish.
This might need to be done by an adult.

3. Count
Each student counts how many pieces in their own project.
and writes the number on the back of their rubbing without telling others the number.
They know their number - one piece of data.

4. Use estimation:
Try to line up the projects in order from fewest to most pieces.
This can be done as a class or started by the students as they finish
by lining then up where they think their project fits in the line.

5. Check.
Then check to see how close the ordering is.

Turn over each paper in turn and see if the number is in order.
Shift the project and paper if needed.
If there seems to be a discrepancy then have a recount of the picture's pieces.

LEGO Holiday Mosaics Around the World
for lesson plans and example.

The point is to estimate how many dots.
Did you figure this one about right?

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